IICF Building a Reader FAQ Page

Why language and literacy?

Preschool teachers need more support gaining the disciplinary knowledge required to promote early literacy. Their professional growth can maximize their potential to help children develop language and literacy skills. (Cunningham, Zibulsky, and Callahan). Educators have the power to engage children in their journey to become proficient readers and writers.

Who is this course meant for?

This course was designed for early childhood educators who serve children ages 2–5.

What are the course objectives?

This course highlights the importance of building language and literacy skills at an early age; and helps teachers explore ways to engage young children to explore key literacy goals, strategies and activities to support your curriculum, and tools to connect with parents around those same language and literacy objectives.

  • In Unit 1, we explore the foundations of language and literacy skills for preschoolers to become readers and writers for life as well as strategies for engaging them in literacy explorations.
  • In Unit 2, we learn how rich conversations with adults set the foundation for children’s storytelling and overall language development, and provide strategies for enriching conversations with kids
  • In Unit 3, we emphasize using books to create emotional connections and learning opportunities.
  • In Unit 4, we explore phonological awareness and how it helps connect preschoolers’ oral skills to writing letters, allowing development from scribbles to words.
  • In Unit 5, we provide strategies to develop opportunities to investigate, collaborate, and use literacy skills to prepare children for kindergarten as well as tips on adding literacy and language into quick moments throughout the day.

Is there a fee to take this course and earn a certificate?

The course is offered for FREE.

Does the course count towards my professional development hours?

We will be providing state-by-state instructions for securing CEU's in the coming weeks. In the interim, Educators will need to secure professional development hours with their supervisors or other accreditors. We recommended printing this FAQ page to share with those who are granting credit.

Is this course timed?

This course is designed to be completed at your own pace. You can complete the course in one sitting or over multiple sittings. The course will close December 5 and will be offered again in February 2018. Participants should check the landing page for the next course offering date.

How do I sign up/register?

Click the “Register” button on the course landing page and follow the instructions.

How can I access the course?

The course can be accessed using a desktop computer or tablet device. For an ideal experience, we recommend using the most updated versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer (version 11).

How do I access my Certificate?

Once you complete the course and survey, please allow a few minutes for the Certificate of Completion to become available. You can access your certificate from the Conclusion page of the course. Navigate to the Conclusion page and click the blue “Certificate of Completion” link. You will be directed to the summary of issue page where you will be able to receive your certificate by clicking the “Download certificate” button.

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